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Corporate profile

Planning and development of new and independent IT concepts is what we do as consultants with innovative approaches. Based in northwestern Germany we provide services worldwide using our excellence in modern communication media. Because of this expertise real-life personal contact is an integral part of our philosophy.

Intevation GmbH wants to be your guide and partner within the free software world. Our solutions are built upon the power and know-how of a large global community which we have been part of for more than 10 years. This allows us to help you to actually get the advantages promised by the current success of GNU/Linux.

Partnership is our credo. Together we will successfully win the market. We will analyse your projects and integrate our strength with that of your company and our partners.

We are best at consulting relating to Free Software Concepts, Internet Technologies, professional evaluation of your IT or E-Commerce Solution and Geographic Information Systems. As a young company we are committed to working in teams and drawing knowledge from networks. Our ability to work at an enormously diverse range of problems brings you results that surpass standard industry levels. With a strong scientific background our solutions are informed by the current state of the art, while remaining usable.

Free Software is a cooperative process. In all our offers we take into account that we give something back to the projects and communities related to the utilised Free Software.
Depending on the type of contracts, we support the corresponding Free Software projects by doing some or all of: participating in discussions, implemenations, planning, providing infrastructure (hg/git/SVN/CVS servers, mailing lists, wikis, issue trackers) and by paying others working on further developments.